Healing Testimonials

These are just some of the testimonials for sessions. Each of us are different and will probably experience different things during the session so please do not let their experiences become an expectation for your session.

Reconnective Healing

"Straight away i felt my body sinking down and wrapped in this very nice warm gentle energy. Then I feel this energy working around my chakras and then i see red and blue and purple at my hands. Later I saw this tunnel of triangles and I was flying through it. Very different from Reiki. Thanks! " Erika D

"I enjoyed the reconnective healing session. It was a very interesting experience, I felt the energy movement. At times it felt like a change in pressure, and I also noticed a tingling sensation in my arms. At one point I actually felt a surge of heat in my arms and hands. Throughout most of the experience, I felt as if my body shifted and turned towards the left, almost as if I would fall off the table. I found it interesting that at times I felt as if Wei was on one side of the table but realized he was on the other side. It was as if there was someone else there. I did see an image or symbol at one point and am still wondering what that represents. Thank you Wei for the reconnective healing." Cynthia L.

"Very good session, different energy than Reiki. I enjoyed it, thank you." Sherry

"Good healing!" Tandra

"Very pleased, my session was awesome. I highly recommend you." Barbara

"When the session started it seemed to be alot like my Reiki experiences. I am very visual and always see swirls of vivid colors when engaged in energy work. As always it was gentle and enjoyable but not "the reconnection" I was hoping for. Then things started to rapidly change. My hands felt as if heat was being being rotated through my palms. My right side felt as if my bones were replaced with rods of fire and my swirls of color turned to pictures. I saw the most exquisite multicolored bird, white iridescent staircases, faces in headdresses. I felt as if someone was stroking my hair and touching my face. then all the sensations seemed to get quiet.I felt an all over pressure like a weight that pressed down on me I almost lost my breath but heard myself saying "i am not afraid" then as crazy as this sounds I felt as if I was pushed through my body! I was a million fragments of beautiful light and I was at peace. I felt like I was home and with God. I didn't want it to end. I stayed there for a while floating and mesmerized. then I felt as if I was pulled back and ever so slowly I started to disconnect and my vivid colors lost their brightness and i was lying there just me with my eyes closed." Dawn

"Very positive healing experience -wonderful healing energy was felt. Recommend!" Mary

Quantum Touch Healing

"Awesome! I highly recommend it" Jason

"What were you doing? I see this scenes playing back and every time you move your hands the scene changes. Some images are old arches doorway or window with light glowing through. Some were definitely ancient. I feel so much better after the session." Susan

"The healing really works! My ligament surgery has healed " David H.

"Man, i really appreciate everything u did for me, that talk we had, really gave me the boost i needed." Jozay

Quantum Touch Workshop

"Great! Thanks Wei! I really enjoyed your class. thanks for all the knowledge!" Kristin

"I have met many people, they can talk well but don't know much. You really know about energy." Beatrix

"Like the positive energy in the class. I am so glad I took this class." Carmen

"This is a fantastic workshop. Thank you so much"

"I like this class, it is so simple to understand and works on the physical level. I can use Quantum Touch to help my friend and family."

"I was detoxing like crazy for a couple days - spent most of my day in the bathroom and have symptoms of a cold which are easily handled by running energy. All in all, doing well.

The most amazing thing is that some eczema on my left arm, which has been a nuisance for me for the last 6 months, has vanished. Pretty cool. My back feels good and I'm in a very calm state.

Driving home from Queens - until I got on the NJ Turnpike - was nerve racking but I kept sending energy to the traffic. Amazing that most of the bogged traffic was going in the opposite direction from me and I made it home in record time : )

Thank you for your kindness and attention. I really enjoyed my instruction as well as our discussions about spirituality and energy in general." Ellie

"Thanks for a fun workshop. You're a joy - be blessed!" JP

"Thanks for a fun workshop. You're a joy - be blessed!"

"The workshop was great! Even though it was my second time taking Level 1, I still learned many new things. Thanks so much!" Daniela

"I enjoyed QT I...and am interested in taking the next level..I would not hesitate to take another class from Wei." Dina

"Wei is peaceful, tranquil, benign. His presence is calming. His commitment to the Quantum Touch work is high, also he has an attitude of gratitude which is plain to see. Wei's manner is gentle. He is kind in every movement. I am seeing results from practicing this work. In the workshop, I received some energy work from Wei and another student. The work helped to calm a persistent problem I've been having for years with an old physical injury. I am running energy with friends and family." Victoria

"The workshop was fantastic! Each time I take it, regardless of the amount of times, I learnt something new. Fantastic Instructor; I HIGHLY recommend! Thanks so much again, Wei!" Danelia

"Quantum tocuh was a excellent experience, it allowed me to connect with energy in various ways. This tool will help to future my spiritual path." Lysiane

"Very interesting. Good balance of theory and hands-on." Chris

"Thank you. The energy is palpable. My neck slid into place with this gentle method of touch. The workshop follows the book. Learning the breathing and integrating sound, intent and visualization were most helpful in the group setting." Jeannemarie

"I was drained after the first day and recharged throughout the second day. I feel that I cleared a lot of emotional negativity and got in touch with my "3rd eye". The workshop was very useful to me." Abby

" I found it very individualized, very open to questions - Wei did take the time to be sure he clarify any points of question. I was relaxed and different than other workshops I have taken. Thank you very much!" Rosa, CA

"Very interesting - eye opening. Running energy is a very thrilling experience. Very through explainations. Very relaxing." Carlos, CA

" I thought the experience was a positive one. It provided a lot of answers to unanswered questions. The program also provided me with a lot of information and knowledge that I did not know. Wei is very knowledgable about the information and an excellent teacher. he is patient and receptive." Darcel Black, SF

"Excelent, very helpful, realy great experience. I love it. Very easy to follow. Thank you for helping me to open this gate of new experiences in my life." Sam Montoya, SF

" I had wonderful feeling when I receive quantum touch session, feel really warm, peaceful and light. The toning technique gave me a great inspiration on opening up to a new consciousness. The group is really loving and supportive. Trainer is really knowledgable and easy to understand, loving and kind. It's wonderful I could participate in the workshop." Winnie Yang, SF

"Wonderful reinforcement of the material. Fun new experiments with toning that I didn't hear before! I love the reminder to 'Charge up your life' by energizing events and objects." Kate Larrabee, NYC

"Very interesting and informative! I didn't know what to expect but I was pleased with the format and the material. I can't wait to try it on friends and incorporate aspects into my life." Robin Zachary, NYC

"Very well structured. Wei has adequate knowledge of the subject matter, a very highly skilled and intuitive individual. The workshop was through both from a theory and practice perspective. Wei has through understand of the subject matter. A highly inspiring individual with an amazingly promising future in the world of healing. Definitely an 11/10 for me!" Bina Titus, SF

"Good balance between theory and practice. I really enjoyed learning about energy and how to use this natural healing power we all have to ease/eliminate the pain. Overall a great experience. Thanks for the facilitation." Benoit Spendor, SF

"I am very happy I took this workshop. I have wanted to learn about running energy for a while and I find Quantum Touch training very clear and simple to use and practice. I can't wait to run energy on myself and others." Lisa Spendor, SF

"Great. Wei was a great teacher! He was very through, offering us a detailed overview of Quantum Touch Lvl 1" Marilyn May, NYC

"Loved it- Wei is great- aware, sensitive. Great aura, great energy. Good control of the class and addressing things and moving through it." Frances Stahl, NYC

"I enjoyed the whole workshop. I am very grateful that I can come." Manuela, NYC

"Loved it. I had to wait 13 years for it! Can't wait to become a teacher." Leah Quispe, NYC

"Very Unique and interesting experience. Work with a nice group of people. I have learned a lot of new things Wei is a very flexible, knowledgeable and friendly person. Really enjoyed the entire experience." Moumita Roy, NYC

"I was very happy to get lots of hands on practice. I have been in other energy healing workshops where it was mostly lecture and little practice. This class was the perfect size. You are a very good facilitator, with a good balance between staying on track and stopping to discuss. I appreciate your extensive knowledge of this topic as well as related ones.
Holly Wright, SF

"I like the class so much. The energy of other students and Wei really helped me to be more open and receptive. The class is really good because it's informal. Wei is a good teacher. He shared a lot of things to us. Practice helped a lot."
Grace Chamrernlaksa, SF

"I really enjoyed the class for few reasons:
Instructor is very knowledgable and generous in sharing information
A lot of chances to practice instead of just reading from book.
Even though most techniques already written on book, learning in person really helps me feel the energy flow much faster.
Perfect class size! " Claudia Fung, SF

"It was amazing experiene. Thank you so much Wei! It is very beautiful to me. Your are working on something that you truly believe. This is a beginning of my personal healing experience." Mariana Ely Skowron, SF

“Beautiful experience of increasing awareness of oneself. Trying to heighten one’s spirituality was really wonderful. Good hands on experience. Group was wonderful to work with and helped us with their suggestions. Mr Mok was a wonderful and compassionate instructor.” Mrunalini, NYC

“I enjoyed that the technique were easy to practice. Background knowledge wasn’t needed to learn QT. Practicing on the other attendants was enjoyable and everyone got to experience positive changes.” Kyle Klim, NYC

“Loved it! It’s simple yet powerful. Wei was amazing- organized, patient and you could tell he has a true passion for healing. He is approachable and will to answer any questions and shares his own experiences which I think is always a great way to teach. Thank you Wei” DR. Debra May, NYC

“I learned a huge amount and really appreciated the hands on practice sessions. It was great to be part of a community of learners. I really appreciated having the other participants to learn from and learn with. You created a container that enabled my best learning and progress.” Lisa Lavoie, NYC

“Very good. Wei does a great job of explaining the aspects of QT. Group was great. Had a lot of fun but learned a lot while doing it.” Margaret Shady, NYC

“The workshop was a real eye opener as to the power we possess within. It is truly amazing how our energy can heal us and others. It was really wonderful to experience all the different reactions all of us had to our turns on the table. So incredible to be with this group of people for 2 days. We are now connected.” Ellen Grasser, NYC

“Excellent workshop. Knowledgable and kind instructor. The energy sessions were extremely helpful, gave me the practical dimension and also the confidence and easiness to do it” Julia Samojeden, NYC

“Encouraged me to reengage my meditation . I really enjoyed the experiences(practice). It made me have more confidence in my ability. The material was thorough.’ Judi Lenkey, NYC

“Enjoyed my ability to run energy. Improved noticeably over the 2 days. I also learned a lot from the other people in the class. Liked the toning.” Mattew Samojeden, NYC

“It was a very good experience. It is more than what I expected.” Heidi Bautista, NYC

“It was amazing I loved it. Thank you! God bless you!” Ana Lewis, NYC

“It was really powerful and I felt all the energies coming from my body to my hands and connecting with my classmates.” Rayza Ferreira, NYC

“Amazing Class! Fantastic instructor. Wei took time to explain and help us in our practice. Very well put together and taught.Great class size.” Sadiq Samji, NYC

“It was conducted in a very accessible manner, both in the practices as well as the teacher’s knowledge.” Barron Rachman, NYC

“Really great, lots of opportunity to practice. Perfect class size.” Murini Hirji, NYC

“Very engaging and eye opening. I learnt about generating more energy and working with my heart to be more authentic.” Ali Hirji, NYC

“I really enjoyed learning about Quantum Touch. It gave me another mechanism I could use to heal myself as well as others. It was very interesting learning abou the different breathing techniques and trying it hands on.” Zarah Samji, NYC

“It was brilliant. I was not sure what to expect in the class and it really brought me to a different level. Workshop was really great and eye opening.” Nazumi Samji, NYC

“It was wonderful. I learnt a lot of things. Very interesting. The instructor was very good. Taught me many things.” Petronio Cesar Borba Silva, SF

“I am so happy with this workshop, the instructor is so kind and always had an answer for every question I had.” Elia Ortiz, CA

“Very interesting and mind/spirit expanding. Liked the practice portions for healing and toning, to see how it feels to give and receive.” Chris Wood, CA

“Enjoyed the whole process - especially having so much time for questions and getting extensive answers. Thank you for sharing so so much of yourself.” Odessa Ladansky, CA

“I am amazed how much content was able to be gone through in the time spent. There was a lot of time spent. There was a lot of wariation and it was well rounded. I like that there was time to ask questions and explore. I really enjoyed receiving healings by many hands.” Jennie Friedman, CA

“This was one of the best experience ever. Seeing that this is my very first healing workshop, I didn’t know what to expect even after watching so many videos. I am leaving the workshop with healing “power”, knowledge and experiences that I can apply immediately.” Maggie Torchon, NYC

“The whole experience felt like 1 giant synchronicity for me. I enjoyed seeing some familiar concepts in a new way. I received valuable tools that I will practice with my clients and myself. GREAT!” Rosemary Serluca Foster, NYC

“I had an amazing experience. I learned about the breathing technique that is essential in conducting the Quantum Touch for myself and Clients.” Caroline Reme, NYC

“My experiene was simply Amazing” Enyinnaya Ogbuaga, NYC

“I really enjoy seeing this class from a different perspective and different teacher. I really enjoyed it.” Julie Nelson, NYC

“It was really good and cover a lot of material in only 2 days. All interesting and understood and fun to practice. The group sessions were really great. Wei did a great job of sharing his knowledge.” Jane Gatanis, NYC

“ It was a great experience, thank you.” Nerrisa Hsu, SF

“I feel blessings and privilege for the opportunity to learn QT from you. To learn your perspective about all other aspects of spirituality & enlightenment that we explored. All of the participants facilitated the experience. I honor you, the path you walk =) ” Amanda Mentzer, NY

“For me...new healing information in the many many ways QT and other healing modalities can be used together.” Aline Carroll, NY

“I had a wonderful experience. I got to get in touch with my inner emotions that needed to be cleared during the chakra clearing session. Afterwards, I felt so much better. This is my 2nd time taking this course and I truly enjoyed it.” Caroline Reme, NY

“I enjoyed being in the class and had a wonderful experience being with the group.” Marija Mikolajczak, NY

“It was so much more than I had envisioned. The connection in the room was amazing. I feel I have know all for years, not hours. I am glad to have begun my journey with you.” Joyce Famularo, NY

“This was my second level 1 and I feel I received the information on a deeper level. Some things felt new, even though I heard them before. I love this work, it is simple yet so profound. I enjoyed having one person on the table at a time so we all work on them together.” Rosemary Serluca Foster, NYC

“ Very helpful for spiritual growth. So many different ways to work on spiritual healing” Danuta Opalinka, NYC

“It was very interesting experience to have this workshop and study all the techniques that will give so much knowledge on helping and inspiriting life of otheres. Thank you very much, Wei” Norina Neascu, NYC

“I feel fanstastic, love continuing to learn and practice. Very much enjoyed the practice on others and toning. And appreciate your knowledge and stories connecting to QT” Amy Christensen, NYC

"Great Class! Lots of information and hands on experience." Elaine Morgan,SF

“It was wonderful, I had a good time and received a good healing.  I learned the QT technique and I will incorporate it into my life.”  Philip Faggard, SF

“Wonderful practice sessions with everyone, even as a virtual participant. Learned helpful energy healing techniques and amplifications including toning and breathing techniques.  Fantastic and caring group with whom I was able to share this experience.  Appreciated Wei’s knowledge and expanding on topics.” Matthew Cook, Virtual

"Very good teacher Wei, good experience easy to explain and share good healing session.” Arturo Rodriguez, Virtual

“I LOVE IT!  Thank you so much!! I feel like I learned so much. Very useful and practical. I’m looking forward to putting it into practice.”  Gina Doerksen, SF

“We cover all topics thoroughly. Taking the time to practice and demonstrate makes the process clearer and easy to understand.”  Hoenie Luk, SF

“ The workshop was informative.  The workshop made the Quantum Touch book understandable.  Enjoyed the "hands-on” aspects. Practice was good.”  Eloise McGarry, Virtual

“ First thing I did learn a lot and I enjoyed doing Quantum Touch remotely.  I do like the cleans myself and get more power in my hands and doing the breathing and helping people.  The new thing I really like is the tripod. I really like the group time doing Quantum Touch both days.” Robert Eloise, Virtual

“It was a very informative class. Wei is an experinced practitioner who I would trust to d work on me & my loved ones.” Lucas Vevary, SF

“Best workshop. Touched various topics, suggestions & methods about healing & spirituality. Extremely grateful for the divine guidance on career & spiritual path.  Well designed content & practial exercise. Different from other healing modality & high energy technique.” Fareen, SF

“I had a wonder experience with Wei. I enjoyed how he brought a lot of his experiences in the healing arts to make the class his own.  I enjoyed the pace of the class. I enjoyed the small class size to make it personal for each of us.”  Nick Golding, SF

“I really enjoyed the sessions, and I thought it was helpful to tell stories throughout the workshop, as it helps me put Quantum Healing into perspective. I chose you as an instructor because I saw you had many years of experience – so I am glad to be leaning from someone that can bring experience to the discussions.

I wish I was there in person to meet you all and do the healings in person, but being remote really helped me tune into remote healing and the power behind it. 😊”  Lynn Zadnik, Virtual

“It was a wonderful experience to be able to join the workshop in-person with likeminded individuals. I felt the space was comfortable and the pace was right.  The additional stories/information Wei shared made it expecially memorable. The practice/exercises were wonderfully received. Thank you for sharing your energy!” Taylaur Biebl, SF

“Excellent workhshop.  The teaching had a natural progression of learning with practical hands-on experiences. I came away from the class with a good set of practical training and education to practice and grow in my application of Quantum Touch.
I give the class an A+. Wei was a fantastic instructor. I recommend this course to anyone!”  JoAnn Mckay, SF

“Very helpful in understanding and increasing energy usage and understanding. Also helpful advice throughout to build on. Hands on practices allowed opportunity to experience as both practitioner and client.  Non judgemental environment focused on learning and growth.  Easy environment to learn and feel welcomed.”  Kevin Williamson, SF

Language of Light Healing Drawings and Videos:

" I had a very interesting reaction to that one. It felt as if I had received a forceful packet of energy in my heart chakra! (Almost like being hit).   Also a sense of expansion. So interesting to see that looking a drawing could have so much power, unless it was a combo of image and words.    Actually looking briefly at the one you just sent I could feel something in my solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Thank you so much for sharing your work!" Florence

"Omg, how amazing!  Thank you so much!  I listened to your you tube video, wow, very powerful, I felt it right away. It was vibrating on the auric field especially around the heart chakra area in all directions." Cynthia

Wei Mok | Reconnective Healing Practitioner | Reconnection | Quantum Touch Practitioner  Mar24