Quantum Remote Healers

The Quantum remote healers was created to collectively send remote healing to assist in raising the vibrations of places, events and institutions on earth.

The purpose of this remote healer group is to give us an opportunity to send remote healing collectively as a group, to service the community. As you know when many practitioners work together the effect is much more profound. We can assist, help raise the vibration and consciousness of people, government and do much more from the comfort of our house. We can use our healing skills to create a more positive environment on earth.

We sent remote healing technique to people in hospitals, orphanages, prisons, places where mass shooting took placed, to the government of countries to help raise their vibrations, to places that are having war, to places where hunger is still rampant, etc.

We will also send healing to people who want to be added to a healing list.

We will do this remote healing at about once a month. If there are ad hoc events such as hurricane or volcano eruption threatening major cities, we will organize healing session for such events.

We can use the simple Quantum Touch remote healing technique or any other healing modality that you have learnt to do this work.

If you feel that this work resonate with you and would like to be part of this healers group please reply and let me know.

The Healing List:


Please sign up for the healing list here using this link:

Wei Mok | Reconnective Healing Practitioner | Reconnection | Quantum Touch Practitioner  Mar24